Labour Party’s Massive Surge In Wales Builds Platform for General Election Victory

The Labour Party has experienced a massive 16% point turn around in the latest Welsh general Election as the party builds a platform for victory. With similar results coming in around the country if they were replicated around Britain would result in a clear Labor Party victory.

The YouGov Welsh Poll has Tory support dropping off massively down 7% to 34% with Labour surging ahead by 9% to be on 44%.  

The shift comes after the launch of Labour’s spectactor manifesto, which included reversing unpopular Tory policies such as the privatisation of the railways, energy grid and water companies, as well as rent controls and taxes on the richest 5 per cent of earners.

The Conservatives have also had a nightmare week after a poor reception to their planned “dementia tax” care policy as key component of thr Theresa May Tory Manifesto.

The Laboour Party has recently been storming the charts in the national UK-wide polls in recent weeks but still trail the Conservatives in the final weeks of the election campaign by around 10 points, depending on the poll in question.

The dramatic turnaround in Wales has given doubters of Jeremy Corbyn hope they can achieve a similar transformation in UK-wide polls with full results of the Wales poll being LAB: 44% (+9) CON: 34% (-7) PC: 9% (-2) LDEM: 6% (-1) UKIP: 5% (+1).

The Welsh polls whilst being better for Labor with changes roughly in line with the Britain-wide polls results have seen the Labour Party closing the gap to now be only arounf 10% from around 30% since the start of the election campaign.

With Theresa May’s u-turn on the Tory Manifesto you will know it is gave over for Theresa May and he Tory Party once he conservative mainstream press starts encourgae the public to pitty poor Theresa May and once the Murdoch press suddenly shifts sides and starts to publish posit article about Jeremy Corbyn.

For more information on Jeremy Corbyn Labour Party Candidate for Prime Minister see:



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