New Video Appears To Show Turkish President Erdogan Ordering Attacks on US Citizens In Washington


A new Voice Of America video has surfaced on Thursday showing Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan communicating and then watching on as armed Turkish Secret Service members violently attacked a group of protesters outside the Turkish Ambassador’s Residence in Washington DC.

The confrontation came after US President Donald Trump had hosted President Erdogan at the White House and praised him as a strong US Ally in the Syrian War. In their meeting President Trump refuse to speak up about Erdogan’s authoritarian crackdown on his own people.

The video appears to show Erdogan sitting in the back of a black Mercedes sedan communicating with the armed secret service officers who rush in to attack and silence protests who were insulting President Erdogan. An aide can be seen leaning into the car talking to Erdogan who then speaks to Turkish Secret Service Officers who then rush and assault protesters.

After the Secret Service officers return to the car after attacking protestors and scuffling with police Erdogan is seen exiting the car and thanking them for their work. Nine US citizens were hospitalised as a result of the attack with the State Department refusing to revoke diplomatic immunity is that the assailants still present in the United sates can be charged.

Local police are interested in charging two members of the Turkish Secret Service security who assaulted by  US Diplomatic Security officer and local police assigned to protect the visiting delegation.

These two  men were briefly detained by local police on the scene and their guns confiscated but after State Department intervention they were let go without being charged. A confidential  congressional aide has told us that the State Department determined that they held diplomatic status despite their  not holding diplomatic passports .

The two men remain the subject of an active DC Police criminal investigation and will not be allowed to re-enter the United States, the aide said. The Turkish Embassy did not respond to our repeated requests for comment by Thursday and issued a statement on Wednesday calling US officials’ liars and of helping incited the violence.



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