The Cure – Lady Gaga feat Chelsea Manning & Julian Assange


One day after being released from a top-security US military prison former soldier Chelsea Manning has stunned the world with a delightful new look. Chelsea has just recently served seven years in prison for exposing illegal criminal activity by the US Military in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Chelsea a former army intelligence analyst posted this beautiful picture of herself on social media with a contemporary styled short blonde hair, lipstick and mascara, wearing an avant-garde V-neck navy blue top with white trim.

The photo also replaced her old Twitter profile picture which had shown Chelsea in her previous identification Bradley Manning a male soldier in military uniform and beret.

After her release from Fort Leavenworth’s military prison on Wednesday Chelsea has vowed to put her previous life behind her and said she said to be excited about her future.

For full article see on  Chelsea Manning’s release from federal prison see

gagag assange


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