Book Review “Reversing the Apocalypse: Hijacking the Democratic Party to Save the World”

Progressive Activist and Democratic Party Candidate Krystal Ball who was sacked from MSNBC for criticising Hillary Clinton on air examines what has gone wrong with the Democrat since the 1980s which released in the devastating loss to Donald Trump in 2016. Krystal argued that the origin of the defeat lay in the economic liberalisation policies of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama  which has resulted in massive economic in social dislocation in the United States.

Reversing the Apocalypse is not simply about reactively attacking Donald Trump bashing but is a powerful narrative and self-reflective tool by which of the Democratic Party how, why and where they went wrong and what can done to regain the support of progressives who have left the party in droves.

Krystal outlines the fall from grace of the Democrat Party from the party that supporter’s workers and unions to a party that is answerable to Silicon Valley and the managerial class elites. Tragically, She discusses how the Democrat Party abandoned the working class at the time that these ordinary people needed them the most and how the resentment of these workers fuelled Donald Trump’s spectator rise to power.

What’s great about this book is that not only does It provide one of the most intellectually open and honest attempts to about where it has gone wrong but also outlines a path to liberating the Whitehouse and the Houses of Congress from the Republican reactionaries by engaging with and being supportive of working class  Americans.

Reversing the Apocalypse: Hijacking the Democratic Party to Save the World is available for Kindle download



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