H.A. Goodman & Tim Black Reacts to Bullying Attacks – No Sellouts They Ain’t Goin Nowhere

Leading New Media journalists Tim Black and H.A. Goodman have recently come under attack from a Media Matters led campaign of disinformation because of their championing of the DNC Fraud Lawsuit case currently before the courts in Florida.
The Media Matters organsiation led by Neoliberal and Democrat Party media campaigner David Brock has unleashed a series of bullying attack through linked mainstream media organizations such as The Young Turks and through as series of attacks from online trolls associated with the Media Matters run online hate group  Correct the Record.
Despite these attacks Tim Black and H.A. Goodman are true to their  ethical morals unlike some and staying independent and proving that they ain’t goin no nowhere as they are bad boys for life.
You can find Tim Black and H.A. Goodman No Sellouts at
You can also see more from Tim Black at TBTV
Also be sure o check out H.A. Goodman

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