How Hillary Clinton Seized Defeat From The Jaws of Victory And Lost The Unloosable Election To Donald J. Trump

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Recently something jumping out at me as watched the interviews on mainstream media of the writers of ‘Shattered’ by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes’. There book is a gripping behind the scenes account of how Hillary Clinton managed seize defeat from the jaws of victory to lose to the unlosable election to Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton lost the unusable election through assembling a massive and inflexible campaign apparatus that sort to bully and intimidate traditional progressive voters and campaigner workers, by fixating on racial demographical data and rejecting support for the working class and failing miserably to outline how Hillary’s use of a private email server to help raise funds for the Clinton Foundation whilst Secretary of State did not amount to corruption. She seemed inaccessible.

The book however looks to an academic argument by labeling the Hillary Clinton’s campaign greatest failure to her the inability of her campaign to construct an electable narrative. The authors belief is that Hillary Clinton failed to adequately outline why she was running for president despite having 21 different experienced speech writers all working o  her campaign using reactionary talking points such as it’s her turn, by stating that she was prepared and by claiming Hillary’s best talking point was that she wasn’t Donald Trump.

Shattered is a drawn cliché filed piece of pop art that has one eye on promoting Hillary Clinton as a candidate for the 2020 presidential election. The books reads in a similar fashion to the Russian hacking hysteria surrounding Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails with the authors contractually bound to not name participants in Hillary Clinton election campaign. As such characters are referred to as anonymous sources a which leaves the book looking questionably like part FBI dossier part campaign platform.

The points to advisors for failing to a deliver message as to why Hillary Clinton was running and it was this failure the books claims that dogged her campaign. Strangely enough according to the book Hillary Clinton could not come up with so she gave the job to her dedicated staff of 500+ employees.

The authors note that the campaign staff despite 12 months lead in time and $1.5bn to spend on the campaign that the best narrative they had to promote about Hillary Clinton’s campaign was summed up in the slogan “Hillary Clinton — Because She’s Not Trump”

Bernie Sanders contrasted this over polish and over advised approach because he why he was running and the people of America knew it too. Bernie Sanders through the primary process became a pop cultural icon promoted as an unlikely comic book hero who had come to save America and the world from the Wall St bankers.

Sanders role in this Shakespearean tragedy was the role of the outside hero who attempted to build a winning platform for the Democrat Party to claim the presidency. Even after Bernie had stepped down from this platform and invited Hillary Clinton to step up and win the election his offer was rejected by the Democrat Party because it would not deliver on promises made to corporate investor in the Clinton campaign.

In a similar vein Donald Trump sort to align himself with ordinary people albeit undereducated, racist, bigoted, pseudo-Christian, gun touting minority who saw their lifestyle under threat from another 4 more years of Democrat administration. Trump role in this tragedy was the role of a clown to expose the internal contradictions of the powerful in the America. In the end of this tragedy the clown ascends the thrown due to the inability of the chief protagonist to admit her own personal faults.

Trump was promising to Make America Great Again but never had any real plans to make that a reality. Trump as we know swept the Mid-West whose blue-collar workers had seen wave of wave of radical economic alienation forced upon them by Democrat Presidents and Governor’s. included in this was multi-million dollar government led campaigns to destroy workers organizations, sporting clubs and worker led cooperatives such as medical facilities and food co-ops.

The Hillary Clinton Campaign’s search for a winning narrative is the dominate theme of this book ‘Shattered’ which will one day be used an instructional how-not-to book similar to the old testament of the bible. ‘Shattered’ is a Shakespearian esq tragedy where a familiar figure sets out on a quest for greatness but who ultimately because of her campaign team’s attempt to promote Hillary Clinton as a supernatural figure with fault or failure, an intellectual but yet misunderstood genius that backfired.

In the end Hillary Clinton was right when she is quoted in the book as stating ‘I know that I engender bad reactions from people, and I always have’ and telling an unnamed  aide. “There are some people in whom I bring out the worst. I know that about myself, and I don’t know why that is. But it is.” Had Hillary Clinton had the courage to be honest with the American people like Bernie Sanders had about her reason for running s President and not relied on the conflict advice of over 500+ advisers she probably would not have lost the election to a clown.

In the end Hillary Clinton had it right people didn’t like her she alone was responsible for driving enough for most voters away from the Democrat Party in those three key and a fool won, that ought to be the most important message to come out of the electio .



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